About the Author

IMG_20171013_212221571Raised in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico, miles away from what most people call civilization, Laura’s life was often peopled with the characters her imagination.  An avid reader, Laura’s dream of becoming a writer began at an early age, inspired by the literature she spent hours reading.  At the age of fifteen she wrote her first novel – an effort that was feeble and faulty at best; but the process confirmed that writing was the work that she wanted to pursue, and from that point, she never looked back.

This pursuit took her to the University of New Mexico where she earned a degree in Creative Writing.  She helped with one of the campus literary magazines, journaled and blogged extensively, and in 2008 she even found time between her activities to participate in NaNoWriMo for the first time.

Laura began dating her future husband, James, in 2008.  They were married at a church in Laura’s beloved Jemez mountains in May, 2010, after which they returned to Albuquerque and Laura finished up her degree.

After graduating, Laura took some time to work on writing.  Later she began working part time as a server as she continued to pursue writing.  In August 2014, after two losses, Laura and James were overjoyed to welcome a healthy son into the world.  Laura stayed home with him for three years, continuing to write off and on.

Currently she is in the process of applying to grad-school, hoping to get into a Master of Fine Arts program.

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