I am a Nerd. Or a Geek. Or Something.

I play a game called Dungeons and Dragons.  It is a role-playing game (rpg), and I started doing it about two years ago.  I think it took approximately six months for it to become my favorite activity.  Yes, I am officially a nerd.  Or a geek.  Or something.  But I don’t care if people label me that, because it is so fun!  Plus, it’s a blast to talk to other people who are enthusiastic about the same things as me and totally geek out over the same activities (such as DnD, writing, or baseball).

I think Dungeons and Dragons appeals to me so much because I am a writer, and the creative side of me delights in developing stories and characters, which is what DnD is all about.  I do in DnD what I always try to do with my stories– enter into my character’s shoes and thoroughly get to know them– roll-playing them as authentically as I can.  I have experienced many different aspects of the game, from playing a character of almost every class to becoming the “Dungeon-Master”, or DM.  It’s always interesting when you plan a session and the characters go a completely different direction from what you had in mind.  Interesting– but not surprising– the characters in my stories do this all the time. 🙂

I feel about DnD much the same way I feel about my writing.  Developing the characters and stories for both makes me incredibly excited.  As a writer, there are always times when I go through creative “dry patches”, also known as “writer’s block.”  I do not doubt that every writer out there knows what I am talking about.  It is the blessing and the curse of a creative mind– the unbelievable joy and excitement of inspiration, and the awful sorrow and frustration of writer’s block.  The highs and the lows.  For me, this past week has been an extremely high point.  You can read part of the reason why in my last entry.  I have been feeling inspired about the story I am currently working on, and two exciting sessions of DnD over the weekend continued to inspire and cause my mind to go crazy thinking about it.  What happens next?  What will so-and-so do in this situation?  Etc.

I have had trouble sleeping lately because of all the excitement.  When I am too weary to write I lay in bed and spend the restful hours thinking– thinking– until I finally drift off.  I have been tired, but I have had so much adrenaline lately it doesn’t really matter.  How long will this last?  I don’t know.  I have to admit, in spite of the physical toll these creative high’s can sometimes take, I wouldn’t exchange the experience.


About Laura Holland

A Jesus-follower, wife, mother and writer living in Albuquerque, NM.
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