When the World begins to Come Alive

I wrote all day yesterday.  All day my thoughts were in another world.  All day I felt the joy and excitement that only comes when the creative fire is burning.  It was such a happy day I wish I could live it over again.  Every time I had a chance I sat down and scribbled, while I listened to one certain piece of music over and over and over again.  That is my creative process.  I will hear a particular piece of music and associate it with a scene in my mind, then it will inspire me while I work on the scene until I am satisfied with it.  Oddly enough I don’t tire of the music, it awakens certain emotions in me, emotions which I pour into my writing.  The music changes at different periods of time, but the creative process is pretty much the same.

Writing this scene yesterday caused me to think of other scenes.  Showed me aspects of my characters I wanted to learn more about.  I thought out conversations while I was in the shower and doing dishes.  Conversations brought up questions.  I scribbled them down.  While the kiddo napped I drafted scenes, each one that came to mind in no particular order.  I couldn’t write fast enough for all the thoughts and ideas pouring into my head.  Then last night I sat down with my pages and pages of notes spread out and crafted the story on my computer.

When I first began writing this story it was from the premise of an elf appearing in a town where elves aren’t usually seen.  I have been trying to go forward from that place, to find out and write what happens next.  But it turns out what I really needed to find out was what happened before.  I thought knew this already, but when I took a closer look I realized I really hadn’t explored the backstory in-depth before.  When I began to do so, I understood so much more about my main character.  I found out what events had shaped this main character, who the important influences were in his life, and what had transpired to bring him to this place.  Knowing all of this gave me much better understanding of the actions he will take in the future.  Now I feel as though I am, ironically, back at the beginning and ready to move forward.

I did not want yesterday to end.  At the end of the day I felt as though my characters had become real and I really knew them at last, to the point I could walk around in their shoes.  It felt as though the picture– this story idea we had in our minds– was shifting from one, to three-dimensional.  The world had come alive.


About Laura Holland

A Jesus-follower, wife, mother and writer living in Albuquerque, NM.
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