An Elf Walks into a Bar…

Have you ever had the experience where you spend hours struggling to come up with a good beginning, where you try writing it a million different ways, you spend hours and days and weeks devoting time and thought to it, and simply nothing is working out?  Then one day you are walking out of the bathroom and the perfect beginning just comes to you.  It plays through your mind with a little background music and you just have that happy, contented feeling of knowing you have found the right words… the perfect words… at last.  This happened to me not very long ago.

But first, a little background…

I have never been a very big fan of the fantasy genre.  I read Narnia and Lord of the Rings with enjoyment, but for the most part I didn’t care for reading or writing fantasy, and the idea of coming up with a world was always very daunting.  However, when I married my husband, James, he mentioned that he loved coming up with worlds but wasn’t good at figuring out the stories.  That is my forte, so we thought perhaps we could work on a story together– he coming up with the world, cultures, background, etc, and me coming up with the characters and story.  We became very excited about this and started working on it at once.  However, the effort was rather a flop.  I detailed the reason why in one of my previous entry’s.  So we put the idea aside for the time being, realizing we couldn’t force it and hoping at some future day we could work together on a story if a good story ever came to us.

Well, recently an idea popped into my head.  An elf walks into a town where elves are never seen.  How would people react?  What sort of reception would he receive?  Why was he there?  And slowly, a story started developing in my mind.  I shared my idea with James, and he began work on the world.  Suddenly, our idea had life and was really going somewhere.  So that’s been my latest project, and I am very excited about it.

But in spite of myself, whenever someone asks what our story is about, the line that keeps popping into my head is “So, an elf walks into a bar…”

About Laura Holland

A Jesus-follower, wife, mother and writer living in Albuquerque, NM.
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